Why The Fees?

JobJournal.com uses micro-fees (59 cents or less) to improve results for both jobseekers and employers.

Studies have shown that many jobseekers do not read complete job descriptions before applying for openings. In most cases, this happens for one of two reasons. Either they feel the employer would be a good company to work for (typically based on little more than name recognition) or they are focused on sending resumes to as many employers as possible. JobJournal’s micro-fees are designed to discourage those unproductive practices.

Job descriptions on this site show a commute distance, but do not include the employer’s identity until users pay an ‘Intro’ fee to learn the employer’s contact details and how to apply. The micro-fee compels users to read job descriptions in full and apply only to positions for which they’re truly qualified. It also serves as a deterrent to those who blast resumes to hundreds of companies regardless of their suitability for posted jobs. Thus, employers get only qualified candidates with a vested interest in prescreening themselves. And serious jobseekers can get the attention they deserve, because their qualifications aren’t buried under a pile of frivolous resumes. On-site candidate-ranking tools enable us to monitor employer activity and keep applicants informed of their status.

To purchase Intros, users may buy credits for 44 cents (bulk rate for 20 or more), 49 cents (bulk rate for 10-19), or 59 cents each. Each Intro costs one credit and credits never expire. Although the cost of an Intro is minimal, we do not expect jobseekers to pay micro-fees for job listings they can find for free elsewhere, which is why we have a risk-free guarantee.

Serious jobseekers who are conscientious about reading entire job postings and determining they are qualified for positions before applying may feel our micro-fees are unfair to them. But everyone benefits from the fees’ remedial effects: The ‘crowd noise’ from resume blasters and careless jobseekers is eliminated, so qualified applicants and discerning companies can finally get down to business and make the best employment matches possible.

Employers know that applicants coming from JobJournal.com have an ‘investment’ in the process and are more likely to be self-screened and qualified for their position. By paying the micro-fee, jobseekers elevate their status with employers and place themselves in an elite group of candidates worth serious consideration. It’s another reason users can expect better results by applying for openings through JobJournal.com, even if the same posting can be found for free elsewhere.

By protecting employers from indiscriminately blasted resumes and improving the quality of applicants, we believe companies are more likely to post jobs on this site exclusively. We’ve also programmed the site to prevent aggregators from copying our listings, so you won’t find most of our jobs posted on other job boards.

Welcome to the next generation of job search – only at JobJournal.com!

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