Why the Web Isn't Working for Employment

As you have no doubt experienced, job searching online is a futile, frustrating struggle for employers and jobseekers alike. The sorry state of Web recruitment has been acknowledged for years, yet no one has come up with a solution that works for the vast majority. Until now.

The online employment process is plagued by a number of serious flaws. Among them is the ease with which jobseekers are able to indiscriminately ‘blast’ their resume to hundreds of employers, regardless of their suitability for the jobs posted. Companies are forced to waste considerable time and resources wading through the frivolous responses – in fact, employers are lucky if even 10 percent of the applicants deserve consideration. The result? Jobseekers get no feedback and feel like their resumes end up in a black hole, well-qualified candidates get lost in the shuffle, and no one is happy with this inefficient, ineffective process.

The Job Journal Solution

To radically improve results for both sides of the job-match equation, jobseekers need to have a vested interest in prescreening their suitability for a position. And employers need protection from the avalanche of unqualified applications triggered by nearly every job they advertise on the Web.

On JobJournal.com, a majority of listings are exclusive to our site because our secure coding prevents them from being copied by other sites. Free job postings provide an additional incentive for employers to list all their openings, revealing a substantial portion of the ‘hidden job market’ (over 60 percent of available jobs are never advertised).

Our ‘Intro’ micro-fees compel jobseekers to make more responsible decisions about where they apply for work, significantly reducing the number of unqualified applications employers must contend with. By being more selective, jobseekers improve their chances for success and make it more likely that employers will respond. The JobJournal process enables applicants to be among a select few given serious consideration for the positions found on this site.

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